As followers of the inner path of the heart and the gifts of the Mother Nature we want to share the ancient knowledge of the tribes and the medicines of the planet earth.

Our intention is to serve as a bridge, beyond the barriers of the human race, uniting and connecting nature of the master plants and their healing energy and wisdom.

We support the respectful and conscious use of the plants as medicines by connecting to their spirits and allowing ourselves to attune their vibrations.

Plants as messengers, we aim to listen to them and believe that the only healer is within which the plants help ourselves for self-healing. Listening to them is listening to us, vice versa.

All the plants and natural medicines are heritage of the humankind thus we respectfully try to share not only the plants and the medicines but also the information and the story they have.

All the plants we use are organic and respectfully harvested which we believe is fundamental for a plant to become a medicine that we personally go, meet, hear and learn from their original source and share it directly from Colombia to the world.

In the scope of the activities, we would like to introduce Colombia Amazon Medicine culture and retreats & introduce the Guatape mystic Rock which is the historical and world heritage of wonder of Guatape.

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