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5th of and 12th of January 2023 Event


5th January Thursday– Airport pick-up (the hours will show the ranking by flights)
6th January Friday – Aura cleaning with morning plant bath, determination of personal healing goals. The traditional Ayahuasca Ceremony with local Taita will begin until morning sunsire
7th January Saturday – Resting, integration and sharing session with *Mambe / Ambil
8th January Sunday – Indigenous Taita and traditional Ayahuasca Ceremony will continue until morning sunrise
9th January Monday – Guatape trip
10th January Tuesday – Indigenous Taita and traditional Ayahuasca Ceremony continue until morning sunrise
11th January Wednesday – Resting, integration and sharing session with Mambe / Ambil
12th January Thursday – Return

3 Ayahuasca Ceremony with Taita Domingo
Aura Cleaning Ceremony
Unlimited use of Amenities
Daily Vegetarian Meals
Ceremony days Yoga course will be given
Massage / Dorn Therapy will be given
Free Guatape Trip (city tour, lake tour, coffee tour)
Free Pick up/drop off Airport transfer

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5 – 12 January Event
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“Sending my gratitudes to Doa Retreat for enlightining my path and helping me through my inner journey with their highly experienced team. I am very happy to share this unforgettable adventure with you!!”

Ipek S. Comment
Ipek S.

It was my first time drinking Ayahuasca and had a great experience. I have got all the answers for my questions during the ceremony.  The Taita, the people who helped us were at high levels. I would like to give my best regards and my love to all of them.Thank you so much dear friends opening this wonderful Doa Retreat Center. I am sure it will help loads of peoples like it helped me. I strongly recommend this place to people who are searching their soul, health and etc.Also the place has a wonderfully view and atmosphere that makes you feel that you are in the heaven and never want to leave....

Hopefully, we will again meet guys

I had heard of crowded rituals before, and a few people joined in with a retreat, i was looking for private ceremony and meet to Doa Retreat and those great people. I thank them without a word, they live the most beautiful and most meaningful experience of my life. I got 2 ayahuasca and 1 wachuma ceremonies. I hope to go back to the ceremonies with the same team again and I would like to experience the beauty.  Thanks

Ayse S.

At first I had my worries, but with the ceremonies I lived an incredible resurgence and peace. I didn't want it to end. The music was unbelievable. I would like to thank the Doa Retreat team and Taita Domingo. It was a dream week with ceremonies. On the other hand, Guatape is incredible place that i have ever seen in my life. It was like heaven. Thank you for everything.

Frank K.

I did the 2 day Ayahuasca retreat and 1 day Wachuma, and i had an incredible expierience!

Next to the very intense Ayahuasca expierience, i loved all the other Rituals! Before i found Doa Retreat i thought about doing an Ayahuasca session about a group of too many people. I am so glad we didn't do that! We're 10 people and it was specific and intense healing with Taita Domingo. Now I can't imagine have such an intense journey without proper preperation and care.

The people of Doa Retreat were amazing. The facilities too! It's good that you get an outside of the city. I think what i like most about Doa Retreat is that their professionality, Taita Domingo and all their hard working is only to get healing for us .

Jenny L.

Amazing people in an amazing place providing an amazing ancient experience helaing and insight into a higher level of the understanding of existence can most certainly begin here within the safety and love of this place.

Jimmy W.

I felt so grateful participating in the ceremonies at Doa Retreat. People here are extremely kind, attentive, they taking care of everything for us, made us feel love and protect all the time. The most amazing thing is that Taita Shaman and family members as a crew are staying with us all the time, providing help and supports. We experienced the greatest ceremonies and have learned what Ayahuasca had to teach us.

Thank you
Christina K.

It’s been a few weeks since I did my retreat but the experience still stands out vividly in my mind.

Everyone’s experience of ayahuasca will be different but rest assured that Doa Retreat is the best possible place to experience it. All the other staff members were super caring and attentive - I felt extremely safe at all moments of the retreat, which is especially important during the ceremonies. The chanting and singing was so captivating and I felt that the Taita Shaman Domingo were very careful in ensuring you received the proper dosage.

Roa R.

About Guatape

Guatapé is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia. It is a part of the subregion of Eastern Antioquia. Guatapé is bordered on the north by Alejandría, San Rafael to the east, and Granada and El Peñol to the south.

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Dorn Therapy

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The mambe or ypadú (in uitoto : jíibie ) is a powder that is obtained from roasting...


The ambil (in uitoto : yera ) is a black paste used by several peoples of...


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